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Here is the link for my next chefs table event… I know i know i have slacking on the posts here.. but i promise… tonight i shall update!

Here is the menu, I hope you can make it!!!

Bobby’s Bad Ass Fish Tacos with Roasted Garlic Guacamole and Fresh Pico de Gaillo

Blackberry Saffron Glazed Grilled “Tea-Bird”. Tea Brined Grilled Chicken with a Killer Blackberry Saffron Glaze

Roasted Whole Corn with a Chili Lime Butter

Perfectly Grilled Asparagus

Toasted Monkeys Uncle- Bananas Foster Over a Brioche Brulee and Topped with a Mocha Crème Fraiche


Bruschetta:(serves 6)
Red Plum tomatoes Ripe (5) Diced
Red Bell Peppers Roasted and diced
Fresh Basil Chopped
Balsamic vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Mozzarella
Fresh French Baguettes 5-7 (will use in Cesar dish)
Garlic 2 cloves minced

Add diced Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Minced Garlic and chopped basil into bowl, coat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and hit with 3-4 good splashes on Balsamic Vinegar. Salt and Pepper to taste and mix to coat.

Slice French Baguettes into 1/2in slices and grill till golden brown with a hint or two char. While bread is still warm top with fresh Mozzarella cheese and spoon on the Tomato mixture. Seriously this is one HUGE way to please a crown on a budget… With just a little bit of time spent on your knife.

Real Deal Caesar

Ingredients List:

It all starts with a good wooden bowl… this (in my opinion) is the deal breaker.

Sea Salt


Dijon Mustard

E.V. Olive Oil


Cracked Pepper

Red Pepper Flakes

Green onions



Parmesan Cheese

In the bowl start with 1 chopped clove of garlic, 1 chopped shallot, a good pinch of sea salt and the juice on 1/2 a lemon. Take two metal forks and begin to pulverize the garlic /shallot mixture… the desired consistency is that of a rough paste.

Add 2 Filets of Anchovies and continue the fork mashing

A heavy tablespoon of the Mustard, Heavy dose of pepper, and red pepper flakes… and mix evenly.

This will take a good 4-6 glugs of the E.V. Olive Oil, using one fork mix furiously.

Grate in quite a bit of Parmesan cheese, continue to taste along the way. The cheese will add saltiness to the dressing so make sure you monitor the flavor.

Feel free to add more lemon to balance it out.

Finish with the chopped green onion.

Rinse, and tear a whole head of Romaine lettuce  and toss the lettuce in the bowl with the dressing. The only thing she is missing now is some croutons… maybe some chicken.

I saw Jamie Oliver do something like this… for me… it is the perfect compliment.

Line the bottom of a roasting pan with some good rolls.

Top with Chicken quarters (seasoned with Salt Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Red Chili’s and E.V. Olive Oil) Mike in a few whole cloves of garlic in between the chicken and rolls.

Bake for 1.2 hrs at 415 then remove chicken.

Put the rolls/soon to be the best croutons you have even had, back in the oven to crisp up a bit.

Pull the chicken, chop the rolls and toss with the salad.

Simply amazing!!!

Green with Envy:

2-3 handfuls of fresh Basil Leaves

1-2 Handfuls of Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves

1 1/2 handful of fresh grated parmesan cheese

3-4 Garlic cloves (whole)

Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper,

2 big pinches of Crushed Red Pepper

heavy helping on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

My favorite Chops to use are Rib chops, I love that the meat cooks at the same temperature and you get that perfect rind of fat on the outside that makes so much flavor. Take these chops and coat thoroughly with the Spinach Basil Pesto for best results let marinate for at least 1-2 hrs. When you are ready to grill, make sure the grill is hot, and I mean really hot. Grill each chop to a perfect med-well.
Top with your perfectly poached Egg, and if your in the mood grill up a few red onions for color.

Sweet potatoes Chips:
Super Simple, Scrub and clean sweet potatoes to make sure all soil and dust are gone. Slice them paper thin, and fry them in peanut oil 350degrees untill golden brown and delicious. As soon as they are from the fryer season with salt and pepper.

Creamy BBQ Vinaigrette:
Sour Cream 1/2 cup
Apple cider vinegar 3-4 hits
“Sonny’s” BBQ sauce (small amount needed) 3-4 tsps
Fresh Parsley Chopped small handful
Chipotle powder 1 small pinch
Extra Virgin Olive oil 1-2 glugs

Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl, salt and pepper to taste. The feel should sweet, creamy, and fresh with a hint of heat. Super simple perfect on a chopped salad or to dip your sweet potato chips in.

Grilled Peaches and Cream
Grilling fruit is one of my favorite ways to take desert to a whole new level.
It is as easy as halving the peach removing the pit and grill for 2 min then turn 90 degrees and grill for 2 more minutes. Top with Ice-cream, Dark Cherry Rum sauce.

Vanilla Walnut Ice Cream:
Ice Cream:
Eggs (3 large)
Cream (2 cups)
Whole Milk (1 cup)
Vanilla Beans (3 split and scraped)
Sugar (1 cup)
Salt (pinch)

In a large sauce pan combine, milk, cream, eggs, vanilla, Sugar…bring up to a simmer (but no more than that) once thoroughly mixed, add toasted Walnuts Take mixture into you ice-cream maker and soon you will have something truly to right home about!

Dark Cherry Carmel Rum Sauce:
In a sauce pan melt 1 stick of butter, and 2 cups brown sugar and dissolve evenly. Add shot of vanilla, pinch of nutmeg and dark cherries. But do not forget your dark rum… This is going to give it its depth of spice 2-3 shots should be enough.

Hey guys,

so many of you said how bummed you were that you had to miss the last chefs table… and lets just say that i am so freakign pumped about the menu for this one. A few new recipies, a few classics, a trick or two i have picked up from some great culinary minds. I have a feeling this one is going to sell out soon… so please help me spread the word and get your spot quickly.

Did i mention i am going to be dawning my new chef’s coat… which was a birthday present from Kelliegh and Josh… and the design was a gift from Gloria Lowe… killer food with a snazzy dressed chef… sounds fun to me!

Here is the menu:

“Roasted and Ripened” Bruschetta: (Roasted Red Pepper and vine Ripened tomato)

“Real Deal Cesar Salad with herb roasted Sunday Chicken” A from scratch Cesar salad with roasted chicken and croutons like you have never seen before.

“Green With Envy” A grilled Pork chop marinated in Basil Spinach pesto, topped with the most perfect poached egg. Served with Sweet Potato Chips and creamy BBQ vinaigrette

For Dessert: “Grilled Peaches and Cream” Grilled Peaches served with a Homemade Vanilla Pecan Ice cream, topped with a dark cherry caramel rum sauce.

So i know i havent posted here in a while, needless to say i have been a little on the swamped side… and on top of that… i just turned the big 29 last wednesday. Tonight it is just me and my little girl… but that doesnt mean dinner has to be borring.

I made a killer Pesto earlier this week that i used on some clams and shrimp tossed with potebello’s in some angel hair pasta… But when i take the time to craft a good sause… i always make some for later on.

Tonight, I have taken the Pesto and slapped it on a few Rib Loin Pork Chops… and they are marinating in the fridge as we speak. I think i will roast up a few sweet potatoes and sautee up some baby green peas.

Not gonna lie… this is pretty much what dinners look like durring the week… and to be honest, it is NOT HARD AT ALL.

Here is my Spinach Basil Pesto recipe… maybe you can find some creative ways to use this not so difficult sauce.


2-3 handfulls of fresh Basil Leaves

1-2 Handfuls of Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves

1 1/2 handful of fresh grated parmesan cheese

3-4 Garlic cloves (whole)

Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper,

2 big pinches of Crushed Red Pepper

heavy helping on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Combine all in your blender or your food processor and let that baby make some pesto magic!

Let me know how you love it.

So as promised… here is the new menu for my up coming Chef’s Table. Make sure you RSVP soon, as there are a limited amount of seats available.

Hope to see you there, i promise it is going to be a blast!

Killian’s Beer Cheese Chowder

Crispy Grouper Salad with and Asian Chili Lime Vinagrette

One Serious Meatball with Fire Roasted Red Pepper Marinara over angel hair

and for Dessert

“A Toasted Monkey’s Uncle” a grilled Banana’s Foster Smore

See you there!!!!

January 21st, at Chefs on the Loose here in South Tampa. I know so many of you have been waiting for the next one… so here it is. Menu should be finalized this week… Can’t wait to see you in the kitchen!

Ok, so the weather around here has been more than fickle… one week its cold, and the next it’s like a billion degrees… but thank the lord we are on the front end of a bit of a cold spell.

And what is the one thing you want to do when it gets cold… make some serious comfort food… you know the kind that warms you from the inside. Meals like; Sheppard’s pie, Turkey soup, and of course spaghetti and Meatballs.

My favorite marinara is my Roasted Red Pepper ( look in the older posts) serious depth of flavor with a hint of spiciness. To complement… This one Killer Meatball. I have to so that i even impressed myself on this one… so do your self a favor you have to try this one!


Sweat in a saute pan:

1 whole diced onion, and 3-5 cloves of garlic in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Salt and Cracked pepper)

In a mixing bowl:

4-5 Pieces of White bread soaked in milk Let soak for 1012 minutes and drain of excess milk.

Add to the bowl:

Onion Garlic mixture

2 Handfuls of fresh chopped parsley

2-3 tables spoons of dried oregano

1 cup of Red wine (Merlot of Cabernet)

7-8 Fresh Basil Leaves (chopped)

2lbs of ground chuck

1lb of ground pork

1tbs of crushed red pepper

Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

1 Egg

Mix with your hands, to thoroughly combine all ingredients… then form into balls that just fit in the palm of your hand.


Fill a Baking pan, or Hotel Pan with the Meat ball and add 1/2 of water to negative space between. Bake at 400 uncovered for 45.

Drop the heat to 350 and drain the pan of any excess water.

Now here is where the next layer of flavor comes from.

By this time your Meatballs should have a nice outer crust formed (but i promise they are fall apart tender!)

Take some of your Roasted Red Pepper Marinara and ladle overtop the newly baked meatballs. Then top with fresh mozzarella Cheese.

Bake for 15-20 more minutes.

All i have to say is WOW. Most of the times when you get a meatball… all you can taste is dried out meat/sawdust and too much sauce. I promise these will be tender, luxurious and will have a flavor that can stand-alone, but is designed to compliment that amazing sauce.

Let me know how they turned out for you!

So a HUGE thanks to Chris and Melody Farrell, they took the pics and made shot the application video!

Though i can’t show you the video just yet… here are the pics!

Ok, So i will post the recipie after it is finalize tomorrow… but here is a bit of an appatizer for your cullinary creativity. I got inspired from good friend and fellow Chef Eddie Shumard, and then took it my own way. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

“A Tea Brined Roasted Turkey with a blackberry thyme compote”

I am going to hit the trails early in the morning for the 2nd annual Element Thanksgiving day Mountain biking ride… nothing like knocking out 12 miles before we feast!

Happy roasting, happy creating, and happy thanksgiving. Would love to hear how your turkeys turned out!

So,  thanks to incredible friend and designer Gloria Lowe, i have a bit of a spicey new look! More delicious culinary Revelations to come… Can we say Thanksgiving is around the corner!!!

What you can hope to find here

To me, life is best when it is shared... the laughs, the memories, the conversations that seem to happen almost naturally over a meal or a glass of wine is probably why i take such pride in my food. This blog is a collection of my culinary journeys, the stories and the inspirations that are tied to the food i create. Enjoy, Bobby

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